First CV after completing education


Use your first and family names, not a job title. Place the title at the top of every CV page. Your CV should not exceed two pages. Use email friendly fonts like Ariel and Times New Roman.


List these in the footer of the page, include your email address & mobile number, also a link to your website if you have one if it is career or work related. Don’t use a jokey email or Facebook/Twitter page that could make you look unreliable or unprofessional.


This is a 30 to 40 word statement about what you are like to work with, please see example in italics below:


An enthusiastic individual. I approach tasks with results in mind. I am well organised and I can work well as part of a team or on my own. I like completing things on time, and making sure that I keep learning how to do things well and quickly.


If you are a recently completed your horticulture qualification list these within this section. This should include the name of the college and course study dates, grade and subject. If you completed any project or dissertation work relevant to the jobs that you would like to do go into greater detail. Use up to 40 words to describe relevant course or degree work. See example in italics below:


Hadlow College – BSc (Hons) Horticulture

Start date – Sept 2012 / Finish date – May 2014

Subjects studied – Plant Science, Soil Science, Crop Production etc

Secondary School

Qualifications obtained


If you have one (include placements, voluntary work or any part time work whilst studying) starting with your most recent and ending with your oldest one. If you haven’t worked yet, miss this section out and go straight to hobbies and interests. See the work history example in italics below:

Work history

Company name – Start date: Month YYYY End date: Month YYYY

Position, role or job title eg: Work Placement at X Gardens


This is a really important section, as your work history (if you have one) is likely to be shorter than those of older candidates that may be competing for this job too. Show how what you have taken an interest in relates to the work that you want to do (where possible) and also identify work skills using 30-40 words. See the example in italics below:


I am a keen photographer and have won several awards for my work (Under 16 photographer of the year Canon Power Shot UK & Amateur photographer of the year Portsmouth Herald). I combine my love of events particularly gigs to try and capture that atmosphere and sense of adventure. Typically I will visit a venue before an event and take several set up shots, experimenting with light and exposure to get the best results. I put a lot of work into research before hand to stand the best chance of getting something special on film.


Anything goes here apart from cycling proficiency, and 10m swimming badges maybe. So if you got to the top when you were a Boy Scout or Girl Guide list it here. It says a lot about what motivates you and what you might be like to work with.


Although it isn’t essential to quote these on a CV a statement to the effect that ‘references can be provided upon request’ should at least be quoted. As this may be your first job it would be beneficial to include someone such as a college lecturer. Please make sure that they are happy with this before quoting their name and address details. A ‘placement’ employer or ‘part-time’ employer may also be willing to provide you with a reference.

Remember put your contact details at the bottom of each page of your CV.